Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pedestrians Crossing to Penn Station Suck...and that driver that couldn't make up his mind (but still blamed me)

Of course, today, a couple decided to stand quite a ways into the I-83 on-ramp on Charles St., in the exact place I like to get over and wait for cars to pass me by.  You see, when coming down Charles St., towards Penn Station, I usually stay on the side walk, but today there were a lot of people out so I decided to stay in the street, in the left lane.  Usually, it's all OK because either I'll take up the whole left lane when the on-ramp comes up, or I get over the left and wait for an opening in the traffic and continue across the ramp.  

So when I realized, a little too late, that there were people waiting to cross the street, I figured "OK I'll just stay in the lane and hopefully I won't die."  Luckily, I didn't die.

Instead, when I figured I'd stay in the lane and keep moving forward, a car tried to pass me on the right, but wasn't going to make it, so I slowed down and went all the way to the left.  Of course, they didn't expect me to do that and then they slowed down and went over to the left, and then finally, I just get onto the curb and the dude curses me out (with his windows up, so I win!) and drives away.

Here's a quick video of the people in the lane waiting to cross, however, I did not get the car that couldn't make up his mind, on video.

On a lighter note, I exchanged e-mails with, Baltimore Bike and Pedestrian Planner, Nate Evans.  After looking over my blog he added these three helpful tips:

  • The short url to the bike info on the city website is
  • A super quick link to the interactive bike map (with direct link to the pdf) is
  • The Jones Falls Trail is proposed along Fallsway between the Inner Harbor and Penn Station, which should begin construction in the spring.  It’s proposed route gets lost on the map.

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