Monday, August 30, 2010

App Day - CardioTrainer Android App

Pretty easy ride to and from work today, my only complaint is that I hate when people temporarily park their cars in front of  the University of Baltimore Academic Center on Charles street...DURING RUSH HOUR.

How stupid are these people?  There's a little street (w Oliver St.) about 15 feet where they can stop instead.  What's worse is that this is right by Penn Station and an exit onto I-83.  Keep in mind this is when people are driving home thinking every little second counts.

When cars are stopped there, I am forced to use the sidewalk and wait to cross the exit ramp.  Not too bad of break in my ride since many cars decide at the last minute to get onto the ramp, which means they have an easier time not seeing me riding.

--Done Venting--

A few weeks ago I downloaded "CardioTrainer" for my Android phone.  It's an app that uses your GPS and depending on which mode of exercise/transportation you use, it will calculate your mileage, draw out your route on Google Maps and provide other health-related info like calories burned, average speed, etc.

After you save a "workout" you can go to their website, input the unique code they give you, and track your workouts from your computer and even share your results.

I used it for the first time last week and found out that my commute is about three miles each way.  I don't really care much for the health aspect, but it's definitely a bonus.

Check it out!

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